The Hof lab works closely with (and benefits immensely from) the CAMTEC Facility for Biomolecular Sample preparation. The facility is directed by Prof. Jeremy Wulff, and run by lab manager Rebecca Hof. The facility places a comprehensive set of equipment for protein expression, purification, and analysis, multiple plate readers, a high-throughput microscopic imager, and a tissue culture facility .

Current Grant Funding

  • Genome Canada/Genome BC
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Canada Research Chairs
  • Phillips Brewing and Malting
  • ChemRoutes

Past Funding

  • Prostate Cancer Canada/Movember
  • Genome BC
  • Cancer Research Society
  • BC Proteomics Network
  • Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • WestCoast Ride to Live
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (BC/Yukon)