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The mission of the Hof group is to prepare students to make critical contributions to chemical and biomedical science, while creating an atmosphere that the students and supervisor can enjoy every day.

The University of Victoria is located on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada. UVic is small but powerful… we consistently rate in the top 3-4 most impactful Canadian research schools, and top 100-150 in the world, by modern ranking systems (like the Leiden ranking) that factor in size of institution. The 2022 proportionate impact ranking (jpg) has UVic as the second-most impactful school in the physical science in Canada.

Greater Victoria (population 345,000) offers unparalleled natural beauty that makes it one of the most desirable places to live in North America. Ocean, lake, rainforest, and mountain recreation areas are all located within the city and a short distance from the University. The city is young and vibrant, unlike its outdated reputation as a retirement capital (although the weather is still excellent).

Hof trainees have gone on to careers in pharma (Vertex, GlaxoSmithKline, Gilead, Paraza Pharma, Centre for Drug Research and Development), biotechnology (Zymeworks, Seattle Genetics, Aurora Biomed, Genome BC Proteomics Centre), government (BC Ministry of Health, Alberta Health, NIH Institute for Cancer Research), and academia (in Canada and India). Undergraduates have gone on to careers in pharma, biotech, government, medicine, pharmacy, and have earned admission to top international graduate schools (Berkeley, Scripps, Imperial College London, Uppsala) and every major University in Canada.

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The Hof group has hosted students from many different scientific and personal backgrounds. If you want to know more about experiences in the group through the lens of any particular identity, you can write to Dr. Hof before deciding about an application so he can try to put you in contact with a current or past student who shares some aspect of your personal identity, your academic background, and/or your cultural background. Students interested in both the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees are encouraged to apply. Contact Fraser directly before doing the formal UVic application—send him an email telling him what part of the program you’d like to work on, and why that research would be meaningful to you. You should also contact our graduate secretary for formal information about how to apply to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at UVic.

You can find general information about grad studies at UVic, graduate programs, and admission requirements at the department web page.