Medicinal and Supramolecular Chemistry


Recognition-driven chemical biology

Epigenetic drug development

Post-translational modifications and the proteins that read them are cutting-edge drug targets.


Proteomics, Diagnostics and Novel Assays

We develop new research tools and analytical methods using recognition-based approaches.  (Antibodies – meh.)


High-throughput Supramolecular Chemistry

Parallel and high-throughput methods fuel fundamental discoveries about recognition in water and other complex fluids.


What’s New?

Hey #OChem #NOS2019 , check out this masterwork by my colleague Jeremy Wulff.

Want to know what your robotically revealed reaction is really doing? Then you should be as good at #NMR characterization as the Wulff lab is.


Hey #supramolecular crowd... we’d like you to know that #calix2019 has been remarkably open to lots of macrocyclic chemistry. Great culture. Great vibes. “Big tent.” Check us out in New Orleans in June 2021 #ismsc2019

Dong-Sheng Guo of Nankai University... a torrent of cool/crazy ideas for biomedical applications of #supramolecular chemistry #Calix2019 that are carried all the way through to in vivo studies.

Wow. Just wow. #goals

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