Medicinal and Supramolecular Chemistry


Recognition-driven chemical biology

Epigenetic drug development

Post-translational modifications and the proteins that read them are cutting-edge drug targets.


Proteomics, Diagnostics and Novel Assays

We develop new research tools and analytical methods using recognition-based approaches.  (Antibodies – meh.)


High-throughput Supramolecular Chemistry

Parallel and high-throughput methods fuel fundamental discoveries about recognition in water and other complex fluids.


What’s New?

It's happening—I'm moving across campus to serve as AVP Research!
Honoured to join @LisaKalynchuk and the awesome team @UVicResearch
Hoping to make a positive impact for many @uvic
Looking forward to figuring it all out
(Happy to hear any suggestions from the twitterverse)

Tomorrow's @UVicScience Café Scientifique will feature Dr Heather Buckley (@greensafewater_) of @UViCIVE speaking on “Greener Solutions to Safe Drinking Water Challenges”. Join us at @HermannsJazz Tuesday at 6 pm, sign up at

The CSC Organic Division is now soliciting ideas for symposia (and hosts for them) at the 2023 CCCE in Vancouver — but mostly hosted by Victoria! To submit an idea, please email 2023 OR program chair Jeremy Wulff at by May 31, 2022. @wulffgroup 1/2

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