Medicinal and Supramolecular Chemistry


Recognition-driven chemical biology

Epigenetic drug development

Post-translational modifications and the proteins that read them are cutting-edge drug targets.


Proteomics, Diagnostics and Novel Assays

We develop new research tools and analytical methods using recognition-based approaches.  (Antibodies – meh.)


High-throughput Supramolecular Chemistry

Parallel and high-throughput methods fuel fundamental discoveries about recognition in water and other complex fluids.


What’s New?

Wordplay in scientific writing, part 2:

"The subunits have the urge; the system is on the verge, but only a guest which fills it the best will make the assembly emerge."

@AgSchalley did you know your boss used to do this stuff?

Friday afternoon memories of when my PhD supervisor inserted the word "ferocious" into the galley proofs of my first 1st-author paper (while I was at the dentist).

FWIW — I now 100% approve. There IS room for wordplay in good scientific writing.

CTV News coverage of the 2021 B.C. Speech from the throne includes StarFish Medical’s work to deliver a ICU ventilator in record time. #medicaldevice #innovationleadership #britishcolumbia

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